Listening to music from my mother’s childhood makes me feel close to my grandmother, who was gone before my first birthday.

The Joy found in a well-laid table, strewn with flowers, accompanied by laughter, rich conversations, delicious dishes and the smells of my mother's home is something that I undoubtedly learned from her.

I know that one of the things my grandmother enjoyed the most was making dresses for my aunts. My affection for dressing up is most likely an inherited taste that comes straight from her heart.

They say that we begin life in the womb of our maternal grandmother even before our mother is born, since each female fetus produces all the eggs that she will have throughout her life while she is still inside her mother. No wonder I feel my grandmother so close to me. No wonder feminine ties are unbreakable and unexplainable.

The women in my family are my greatest support. All the inspiration I have inherited and involuntarily passed on to my daughter, is demonstration of love and tenderness, and a form of communication that goes far beyond words.

It is as if over time, an invisible network comprised of inherited wisdom, gestures and personality traits weaves itself within you, silently forming who you are today. Because those generations of women that came before, live within each one of us.

This collection is inspired by those links, codes and reflections which I believe are the guardians of time. It is inspired by ancestral stories and techniques that are rooted in generations of women and which grow in our hearts.